Case Study

Case Study: Bugcrowd’s P1 Warriors


Bugcrowd is a crowdsourced security platform, with an ever-growing community of researchers. They are always looking at different ways to reward their community members for their achievements. They have created multiple programs to do just that.

The P1 Warriors Program is a celebration of the mightiest researchers in the community. We wanted them to feel this same bold energy in the program’s branding and merchandise.

We hit the ground running by creating a hooded, masked warrior based in a fantasy world fighting large bugs. We included assets throughout the warrior’s design that would relate back to Bugcrowd, such as the orange hexagons, lines, and nodes. The wordmark was built through customized typeface to fit the program’s aesthetic and a hexagonal pattern was created to be used in various blog headers, packaging, and other promotional materials.

Using the framework we laid out at the beginning of the project, it was time to create web badges for Bugcrowd’s new site launch. These badges were made to showcase the various levels of total P1 submissions a researcher has successfully submitted. For each new rank, the badge was made to be more intricate and include a cooler weapon.

The warrior needed to stand out over other elements so it was decided that the scenery would be a barren desert using the golds and oranges from other elements. The bugs, not meant to be from Earth, were made to look like something more mutated and grotesque. Using these details, a sticker pack that included four stickers and a liner card was created.Challenge coins are a huge part of the researcher culture, so naturally we didn’t want to disappoint. We chose a darker coin material that allowed for the green of the coin to stand out just as the colors of the bug and P1 Warrior do. For researchers who hit 50 P1 submissions, a stylish hoodie was designed showcasing the warrior’s arsenal that incorporated weapons from previous merchandise, with a few easter eggs hidden throughout.

Lastly, for the heavy hitters at 100 P1 submissions, we created a wrestling belt that visually told a story of the P1 Warrior defeating a monstrous bug, not unlike the the tapestry in ancient society. Four plate designs were created based off this intense battle of warrior vs bug. The larger middle plate was created to commend the winner’s grand accomplishment.